Ofsted Report

What Ofsted said about Oak House

We were rated an Outstanding Nursery in January 2017. here’s a summary of key findings for parents. The nursery prides itself on continuous improvement. We are involved in a Self Review Cycle and produce a Self Evaluation & Raising Achievement Plan.

This provision is outstanding:

The manager and assistant manager are extremely inspirational and are committed to achieving and maintaining outstanding provision.They use self-evaluation extremely well to help them achieve continuing improvement.

Staff promote children’s language skills extremely well. Older children are excellent, confident communicators. They use extensive vocabulary and hold purposeful conversations. They describe what they are doing and express their own ideas.

Children have exemplary opportunities to be active, which help to significantly enhance their physical development. Children experience fascinating learning opportunities as part of an excellent range of outdoor activities.

Staff respect and encourage each child’s individuality. They are excellent role models. Staff are consistent in their expectations and provide gentle but firm reminders when necessary to reinforce clear boundaries. Children develop a highly positive attitude to people’s differences and behave exceptionally well.

Staff work superbly to provide excellent support for their key children. Children show very strong emotional security and have excellent bonds with staff. Staff treat children with care and warmth. They listen to children and value and act on their suggestions.

Staff make precise and focused assessments of children’s learning. They use highly effective tracking systems to monitor children’s achievement. They identify gaps in children’s learning rapidly and provide exciting learning experiences to quickly close the gaps. Children make rapid progress in all areas of learning.

Staff have developed hugely successful partnerships with parents and other professionals.